Creative CODING resources for everyone


Technology should be a tool for empowerment and social levelling, but many schools are struggling to meet the demands of the new computing curriculum without access to quality resources and training.

Rocket Coders are working with schools, clubs, businesses and organisations to curate some of the best coding resources available. We want to engage and inspire children with the creative potential of code and prepare them for the future economy.

Why are we doing this?

We used to work in schools around the country and were suprised by the lack of creativity and fun in the coding curriculum.

All too often - independent schools had access to better equipment, software, and teaching while many state schools were making do with dated and uninspiring resources that aren't relevant to current and future industries.

Rocket Coders wants to make sure that every lesson is an opportunity for social mobility via the power of technology.


Developed with INDUSTRY

Our lesson plans extend the curriculum to include core creative coding skills that are in high demand in the digital sector. All our plans are tested in schools and clubs to ensure they are captivating engaging and educational. We also work alongside teachers and staff to check the feasability of our classes where resources are limited.

Modern Curriculum

- 3D Printing

- Web Design and Development

- Games Programming

- Digital Music

- App Design

- Human/Computer Interaction

- Robotics

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